There has been an on going debate as to what the difference is between naturist and nudist.

It has been said that Naturists, at least historically, frowned on alcohol and tobacco and believed in daily exercise and healthy vegetarian diets. Now Naturists generally describe naturism as a lifestyle where individuals choose nudity as a way to improve health, self esteem and promote a deeper appreciation for the environment and our place in it. Naturists generally choose venus where they can enjoy nature such as hiking in hills and forests, swimming in the ocean or in lakes, or just tending a garden.

Nudist may have the same values as Naturists but they tend to socialize. A pool or patio, resort or cruise ship may well be the preferred venue for nudists. Each sees nude recreation as fulfilling and esteem building. Perhaps social nudists will more likely be within private gates and with others, while the perception is that naturists will be in open spaces. Whichever you are or lean towards being, there is also probably the stirings of the other.

N , the magazine of The Naturist Society, has captured the essence of nudism in their volume 15 no. 1 issue. Nudism (99k)

And the spirit of naturism in their volume 15 no. 4 issue. Naturism (97k)
(Both courtesy of The Naturist Society. Used with permission.)

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