Stories of Christian Naturist Experiences

If you have a story that you would like to share with others about your experiences as a Christian and a naturist we would like to hear about and share your story with others. Here is Dave's story of his "first time" experience with other Christians enjoying the naturist lifestyle:

I was delighted and overjoyed that a Christian Naturist Community is in existence!! I've always wanted REAL Christian friends and brothers and sisters that I could enjoy myself in the nude with in places where it is appropriate. I have only one set of friends with which I could enjoy myself clothes optional. How it happened was pretty neat.

I was over at their house, they have a pretty large and private backyard with a small pool and sauna. One day I came over to say hello and see how they were doing (nothing unusual about that, I often come over unexpected and would just walk in. I have a key to their house. They are almost like natural family to me, not to mention spiritual family!) When I saw that no one was in the house and no one answered my call I walked into the kitchen which is on the way to the backyard and on the table and chairs there were a pile of clothes laying neatly on them; pants, socks, shirts, men's boxers and women's underwear and the like. What I really should have noticed is that four sets of tiny bathing suits were also on the top of the clothes pile. For some reason I didn't think much about any of it! As I finally started to walk into the backyard I ran into Barbara coming into the house for some iced tea for everyone who was outside. (Randy and Barbara own the house), She was wearing her normal short and comfortable old flannel bath obe that I had seen her in many times before along with a pair of Reeboks. After we said hello to each other and exchanged a hug she asked me if I would like some iced tea? I said yes and after finding some in the refrigerator, she poured me a glass. When my glass was filled Barbara informed me that the family was outside, and as she put it, "In their birthday suits working on an all-over tan." Before I could put two and two together, Barbara, as she was walking through the plate glass kitchen door, set down the container of iced tea and pulled off her bath robe, tossing it on the nearest lawn chair in the walk way which leads to the backyard. Much to my amazement, she did not have ANY clothes on and was tanned from head to toe without bathing suits marks.

At first I was embarrassed and very puzzled. I could not understand why she would do this! Maybe I did not know Barbara as well as I thought! Could it be she has back-sliden?! Maybe she didn't know that I was close behind her and was going to put on some kind of clothes before going completely outside figuring that she could do so before I saw her in the nude! Before I could say anything, Barbara turned and said that there was something that Randy and her were meaning to talk to me about. I said "I''ll bet I can guess what it is!" And, while standing in the walkway, she asked me if I would be offended if the family (including her sister) spent the afternoon outside in the nude while I was here. I said that "it really was no problem, as long as it is not a problem with you guys." Barbara, as is her style, kidded me for a few moments because she said that I looked at her as her robe slipped off sliding onto the lawn chair leaving her feet the only part of her body covered (she could see me in the tile standing behind her) with my mouth open for about a solid minute before I said anything. She used the time wisely to arrange her bath robe neatly on the old lawn chair and pick up the iced tea as she lovingly let me regain my composure! She looked at me and said with a straight but comical face "is there something missing here?" We both laughed a good laugh and shared a hug! I guess I did not expect to run into her, not to say the whole family, without a stitch of clothes on! I think because we are very close in the Lord, and also close as friends, the situation was very normal and comfortable after a few minutes and no one thought twice about it. The rest of the family (they have two young teenagers, both a boy and a girl) were lying around in the nude near the pool, bottoms glowing from the sun and suntan lotion sporting friendly smiles, kids and all! I asked later while sipping iced tea with them in My God given birthday suit, why there were bathing suits stacked on top of their regular clothes? Barbara told me that they were expecting friends over who would undoubtedly be offended by their freedom and outdoor coed nudity. And that they had made that mistake once before by being in their backyard in the nude when some, as she described hem, "very close and mature friends" from church came over whom they thought would not have a problem with nudity. She also explained that both of them had wrongly thought based on earlier conversations with this couple (along with the fact that that their friends seem to wear very little around Randy and Barbara''s pool anyway) that they would accept Christians enjoying social nudity. After this they were very very careful now concerning clothes optional recreation and who they enjoyed it with. When the other couple who were coming over that afternoon called to say they could not make it over, off came the last remainder of their clothes just before I got there (which they prefer!)

I had known them for quite some time and Barbara told me later that her and Randy finally felt that being in the nude with me in a Christian setting and environment as brothers and sisters in the Lord was something they had prayed about and felt it was time to share their feelings and the experience with me. They did not know that I had been going to a local clothes optional beach for years for skin-diving and the freedom to enjoy the sun and outdoors in the nude, and had thought about talking to them about joining me someday! I remembered that Barbara was discussing her Mother's recent trip to Brazil and how many people including her Mother who was from Brazil, think nothing of public nudity in the right setting as do they on Australian beaches, European beaches and in Japan. They have always been very open and mature Christian people and I had wanted to invite them to come with me! It was not long before I escaped the bonds of my clothes and enjoyed their backyard with them and the family, and on top of this, after about an hour, Barbara's younger sister, Rachel, came over and enjoyed the sun with us. Barbara, Randy, and her sister are in a contest to see who can get the best all-over tan. PRAISE GOD for Brothers and Sisters I can enjoy myself minus my clothes on. We are looking into the possibilities of starting a Clothes Optional Bible Study in their backyard. I realize this will take much Wisdom and Prayer. PLEASE PRAY FOR US!! Please feel free to use this story on your Web Site. I hope and pray it will help others!!!