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I never thought it would be that popular. But I also believe it is time to freshen it up a bit. Still, it is best to start the story at the beginning. How I came into naturism.

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Gay Head unofficial Clothing Optional beach
I heard about Gay Head, an unofficial Clothing Optional beach on Martha's Vineyard island, Massachusetts, USA in 1993 while vacationing with my wife on our anniversary. I insisted be we go. I enjoyed myself immensely. My wife was unimpressed.

Shortly thereafter (perhaps a year or two) I was searching the internet and came across www.cybernude.com I particularly liked their quotes. I quickly became engrossed and I started look for other sites. I guess it was the honesty and straight forwardness I saw in the naturist community that first got me believing that nudity could be enjoyed without sexual overtones. But finding that community at first wasn't easy. But eventually I found more sites with thoughts like these.

Truth is, most of us contain a splashing, giggling, squealing child who knows without thinking that bare skin and water go together as wings go with air, roots with earth, and the phoenix with incendiary sun. And innocence belongs to us as it did to ancient Greek athletes, who never wore clothes for their footraces or boxing matches but rather oiled themselves until their nude bodies glistened in the sunlight.
Janet Lembke, Skinny Dipping

With a little inner pirouette of excitement I realized just how much there was to look forward to tomorrow. The thought of being all day naked in the sun was delicious enough in itself, but there was the whole of our new world to explore.
Lucy Irvine, Castaway

From Clothing and the lack thereof.

The liked the whole idea of naturism. My wife wasn't so sure. Well, then I found Patty Logan and I began to see that there is an entirely different woman's perspective. It took time but my wife now understands how much I embrace naturism. Time and patience.

What is Naturism?

So what is naturism? Naturism is first about accepting oneself. It's about not trying to fit a single body type be considered beautiful. You really don't need to be slimmer, or bigger or rounder or more muscular or whatever to accept yourself and to really believe you truly are beautiful. And that neither surgury or childbirth or aging changes that.

It's about being free enough to feel the wind and sun and water without the pervasive feeling that you must always be clothed. And it's about living and sharing this experience and being ourselves Naturally. Naturism is not sexual. Sexual intimacy is very personal and private and should be kept that way. Naturism, on the other hand, is family oriented and can be shared without embarrasement or feeling like one's doing something 'bad'.

The Women's Perspective

How do women relate to naturism?
In our image conscious society
how can nudity help overcome fears of imperfection?
These women have experienced naturism, have felt the freedom
and have been changed.

A Short Story of Liberation (fiction) New 7/13/2003

Naturist Principles & Etiquette

"The mission of The Naturist Society is
to promote a culture of body acceptance
through clothing-optional recreation,
using the tools of education and community outreach."
To learn more click here.
For some of the rules we follow click rules

Did you think we were without a purpose or rules of etiquette?

By the way, you have probably figured out by now that if
you're looking for anything sexual or erotic you will have
to look elsewhere. Nudism and naturism have nothing to do
with sex.

Does that Sound strange?

Perhaps it's because most Americans have been mislead by movies,
TV, books and magazines so often that many believe that nudity is
always either an invitation for sex or a reason to feel humiliated
and embarrassed. Guess what. That's not true of naturists and
nudists. And that certainly isn't true elsewhere in the world.
Places like England, France or Scandinavia have accepted the naturist
lifestyle and clothing optional use of beaches for generations. That,
in and of itself, is like a breath of fresh air.

I've been talking about Naturism and Nudism. What is the difference?

I began to explore further into what nudity means, not just to the individual but as a symbol. Nudity is not anarchy, but it is freedom. It allows one to come in full contact with the natural world in a way one simply cannot do without abandoning the taboos of most cultures. Strangely, one can give up these ancient taboos without discarding one's morals. In many ways nudity can symbolize a rite of passage.
Here some excerpts by authors who have used nudity in literature and science fiction to describe just such a passage through culture.


Like to hike? You'll love "Walk by the shore".

Stories of other people's first experiences may help you understand naturism. This was Gloria's first experience.

And this one is just for fun: Pancakes Au Naturel

And last but not least here a story about how my son was first introduced to naturism and how he loved it then. I call it
Father and Son.

June 2000 marks my third year attending the Eastern Naturist Gathering.
Here is the story of what happened there.

Naturism and the Family

Above we looked at naturism from the point of view of adults. Naturism however is really a family centered lifestyle. When parents and children share a naturist environment in the home I believe they develop a greater acceptance of their bodies, a respect for other's personal space and the removal of the veil of mystery and fear of the changes of puberty, pregnancy and aging. Over the past several years since our first trip to Gayhead my wife has come along way in accepting naturism as she has come to understand what it is really all about.
I've learned also about how my mother was introduced to skinny dipping (which may have lead her to let me experience it). My mother's story.

Three views of naturism

American Association for Nude Recreation
As Recreation

As a preteen (Sonclothed's Naturist Page)

Special note to kids under 18
Naturism is ethical, moral, family oriented and, in my opinion, very
beneficial. But please remember that common sense and precautions are
important for your safety with this or any thing you do.
Please do involve your parents and never go wandering off,
even on your own property, nude.
Please don't provide your full name, address or other identifying information
(school, church, clubs, etc.) to strangers, clubs or chat rooms.


But don't forget naturism is fun!

Another of the wonderful experiences in life is
the sauna. Take a guided tour of one in Israel
just for fun!

And take a look at The Israel Nudist Society.
Their page talks about the emergence of nudism in Israel.
Revised . It's mostly in Hebrew.

If you honestly have concerns about
children and naturism then you
won't want to miss these article about:
Nudity and Child Development
and its effects on
child development.

This is an excellent site. Unfortuately it is now discontinued
www.FamilyNaturism.org site. Newly Restored Text

New 5/5/2003
Here is a new site I have found which talks about
overcoming shame. I think it's fantastic.

Freed From Shame

Now go browse
The Naturist Society
The Naturist Society
A national organization with a wealth of information.


Federation of Canadian Naturism
The Federation Of Canadian Naturism

Topfree Equality
What is it to be topfree?
Click Here. Revised 5/7/2003

"Sexual modesty cannot then in any simple way be identified with the use of clothing, nor shamelessness with the absence of clothing and total or partial nakedness... There are circumstances in which nakedness is not immodest... Nakedness as such is not to be equated with physical shamelessness. Immodesty is present only when nakedness plays a negative role with regard to the value of the person... The human body is not in itself shameful, nor for the same reasons are sensual reactions, and human sensuality in general. Shamelessness (just like shame and modesty) is a function of the interior of a person..."
attributed to Pope John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla)
Love & Responsibility, 1981

Many Christians have found that naturism is not
forbidden by the bible. Their website expresses their views and reasons.
Naturist Christians Home Page
Naturist Christian Home Page
Revised 5/5/2003

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Where can one go to experience naturism for oneself?

The good news is that there are clubs and resorts near by
that you can go to for an afternoon that will make your
first experience safe and memorable.

Solair Recreation League
Solair Recreation League

Berkshire Vista
Berkshire Vista

Dyer Woods
Dyer Woods

Sun Ridge
Sun Ridge

Or perhaps you would like to visit a naturist travel club.
Travel clubs don't own property like resorts do. They rent
health spas for their exclusive use or organize trips
to Clothing Optional beaches in season.
If you would like to visit a naturist travel club
in the Boston area I suggest
Pilgrim Naturists
Pilgrim Naturists

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