Sonclothed's Nudist Page


It was late winter, close to spring, yet very cold. I was about to celebrate my thirteenth birthday later in the summer February has always been a very depressing month for me. Maybe that is why God caused it to be the shortest month. The weather was bitter cold, windy and snowy. I had been stuck in the house for three days. I had the German measles.

Feeling rotten and irritable plus my brother Butch, who was five years older then I; and felt that somehow that made him my full time guardian, always brought out the worst in me, started bickering which we did often. So my mother in her infinite wisdom decided to separate us before it broke out in a wrestling match. She sent Butch to our bedroom to watch T.V. and me to her's and Dad's bedroom to take a nap. The medication the doctor gave me was suppose to make me drowsy. The only problem was that I didn't want to take a nap. However Mom insisted that I at least go to their bedroom to get away from my brother.

While in Mom's and Dad's bedroom I looked in the bookcase at the head of the bed. There I found several magazines with pictures of naked people. Men, women, boys, and girls with absolutely no clothes on. The magazines were Sun Era and Sunshine and Health, nudist publications.

After I had looked at all the pictures I started to read the articles. Everybody in the magazines appeared to be having fun. Camping, swimming, playing volley ball, bad mitten, baseball, or just relaxing. Everything I would enjoy doing they seemed to do regularly.

After that day I often came up with excuses to go into my parents bedroom just to look at the magazines again.

Finally one day I asked my father if he was a member of Alpine Lodge, the nearest nudist club to our home in Ohio listed in the directory of the magazines.

Dad said no, and asked what was it, and why did I ask.

In my youthful ease I answered, "I don't know, I just thought I'd ask."

It was then that I decided to write a letter to the club and ask if I could visit some weekend. I wanted to have fun just like the boys in the magazines.

About three weeks later I received a letter from the club. I had returned from school, Mom and Dad was setting at the kitchen table.

Dad said, "Jim you have a letter from Alpine Lodge."

I flushed and opened my letter.

Dad then asked, "What is it?"

I told him the truth. The letter was inviting me to visit the camp in about four weeks, the third weekend in May. So I asked Dad if I could go.

He stated, if I wanted to run around naked that was my business. He spent the four weeks teasing me about wanting to go around naked.

Dad at one point told me I couldn't wear clothes any more in the house, and to stripe off all my clothes. I didn't, but I sure turned red at the idea. My sister got a big laugh out of that. She was a year older then I was. My brother was in and out of the house so much that he wasn't a part of what was going on. He was going into the Navy right after graduation and that was only a week away. The Idea of being naked in front of my mother was questionable to me, but in front of my sister it was unthinkable.

The Friday before my visit came. I was beginning to have second thoughts about it. I had a difficult time going to sleep that night but finally I fell asleep.

Mom woke me early Saturday and said it was time to get ready to go. Mom and Dad was going to drop me off at the nudist club on their way to Cleveland to visit friends over the weekend and then pick me up on Sunday night. My sister, Wonda, was going with my parents.

We had breakfast and everybody except Dad, was quieter than usual, Dad insisted on making commits about me running around naked.

We started off and it was exceptionally warm. Dad put the top of the convertible down before we left the house. As we left Columbus I was getting nervous. We exited off the freeway on to a highway. The trees were green and wild flowers were beginning to bloom. We left the highway onto a country road, I had butterflies in my stomach. I was thinking about telling Dad to forget it, I would go with them to their friends house in Cleveland.

No! I really wanted to be just like the boys and girls in the magazines having fun in the nude; but why did my dumb sister have to be with us. I swallowed hard.

We pulled onto a dirt drive way and came to a gate. On a pole next to the gate there was a box with an intercom. Dad called, a man came down to the gate opened it and Dad drove in. We passed a sign that read "Nudist Only Beyond This Point."

Dad pulled into a parking area in front of several trailers. It was still early in the morning. No one was out and about. Dad parked the car. He then turned around and told me to get out of the car.

I expected Dad to say something smart and tell me to be good and do what was asked of me by who ever was going to be in charge and then leave.

I climbed out of the back seat not to sure I wanted to go through with it after all.

Dad coldly stated, "You are here now. Take off your clothes."

There was no hint of joking; this time he was serious.

My cheeks felt like they was on fire. I just stood there.

Then Dad added, " You want to be a nudist, get your clothes off."

I looked in the back seat at my sister, who was just setting there staring at me, then I looked towards Mom.

Mom hadn't seen me nude since I was six or seven years old. My sister had never seen me undressed; ever!

I really started to resent her being there especially right then.

When I glanced back towards Mom our eyes meet.

I was wondering what she was thinking of me, and I was doubting if I could go through with it.

Mom gave me the quite, "Everything is O.K." looks. The one that was just between Mom and me. The look that I often watched for when I wasn't sure of what I was suppose to do.

There was a large lump in my throat. I swallowed several times trying to get rid of it.

I really did want to spend my summer having fun. Swimming, playing, doing all the things I had read about . The best way I knew to make sure that I would was to go through with what I started.

With the top down on the convertible there was no place to take my clothes off except in full view of my father, mother, and sister.

Almost unconsciously I started to unbutton my shirt. I took it off and laid it in the back seat of the car beside my sister. I pulled off my T-shirt putting it with my shirt, my shoes and socks came next.

My sister's eyes were like saucers, she just sat there and stared at me.

I unfastened my belt, unhooked my pants. Each movement seemed to take forever. Everything seemed in slow motion. I unzipped the zipper; the sound was unnaturally loud. Off came my pants. I cautiously laid them on the seat with the rest of my clothes.

I stood there in my jockey shorts. I felt the warmth of the early morning sun. It seemed to reinforce my resolve to go through with getting my clothes off. The air on my bare skin was whispering that this was right. It was time; the moment of truth!

I looked once more at my sister. She was still staring at me nervously. When I looked back at Mom our eyes locked. My heart was beating like a drum.

I was reading calm assurance from Mom's eyes. A little concern mixed with slight embarrassment for me. I could tell that she was worried that this not being good for my emotional well being.

Knowing that Mom was there and watching had a strange affect on me. Instead of being embarrassed, which I was, I was feeling support from her knowing that she still loved me. Even if I wanted to be a nudist.

I took one more big gulp of air into my lungs and reached down pulling my underwear down and stepped out of them. I laid them on the pile of clothes already in the back seat of the car.

Mom's eyes never left mine. Her expression changed to a slight smile.

There I was standing completely nude in front of God, Mom, Dad, and my sister, and anyone else who wanted to look.

I continued to keep eye contact with Mom. I felt her gaze upon my naked body, she looked upon my entire body. For some reason that didn't bother me. I would have thought it would. She was still smiling gently with an amused look in her eyes as she looked back at my sister and then at Dad.

My sister's eye's were glued on me. She was blushing, fighting to look away only to stare harder at me.

Mom said, "What now Bill?"

Dad had a funny embarrassed look on him. He got out of the car and we walked over to the office where we was to sign me in. The lady who came into the office was wearing a house coat and a big friendly smile. As Dad signed me in she said,"This must be Jim. We was expecting you today."

After signing in, she gave Dad a key to a trailer that I was to stay in for the weekend.

Mom and Wonda was still setting in the car when we came back.

Minutes before I was wishing that Wonda wasn't there to see me naked, but now I found it really funny that she was so shocked by the situation that she couldn't stop staring at my nude body.

Dad unlocked the trailer and lead the way inside. Mom and Wonda was out of the car and was following him in. As I walked in Dad was starting to blush a little.

He told Wonda and I to go outside for awhile. We did. In a couple of minutes Dad emerged from the trailer. This time he was also nude. He told Wonda to go inside and help Mom.

Dad instructed me to pick up my clothes from the car and take them into the trailer.

Upon entering Mom was standing in front of a closet hanging up clothes totally nude. Wonda was in the back room.She was taking her clothes off too.

Mom turned a gave me one of her great big smiles and took my clothes from me and started to hang them up also.

Wonda came out of the back room carrying her clothes also. After the clothes were put away. Mom reached out and hugged me real hard. She said, "That's for being so bold."

Dad then suggested that Wonda and I go out and explore the grounds. As Wonda and I was walking around Wonda stopped. She looked at me and asked, "Where did you ever get the courage to take off your clothes like that."

I told her about looking at the magazines and deciding I wanted to spend my summer having fun.

As we spent the day together we gradually forgot that we were nude. It seemed so natural that I didn't even think of being naked in front of my sister any longer. Who cared anyway, I was just one of many nude boys having fun.

Later I found out that the person who received my letter called Dad and told him I had written a letter and not being twenty-one I could not join on my own.

Dad and Mom had talked it over and decided to give nudism a try. So the secretary sent Dad the information and then sent me the letter inviting me to visit.

We came home Sunday night all was back to the same routine. My brother knew that I was suppose to visit a nudist camp but he didn't believe we actually went. That Wednesday he was to leave to go into the Navy. He was graduating Monday and wanted to hit the high seas.

Thursday I came down stairs to find my sister setting nude in the living room watching television with my parents. I went upstairs. took off my clothes,and joined them.

That is how we began to live at home. If we was wearing clothes fine if we wasn't that was fine too.

No more worrying about robes on every trip to the bathroom or pajamas to wear as I slept. If we were nude we stayed that way until we had a reason to get dressed.

The house we lived in was isolated from the road. There were times when we played in the back yard nude also.

In fact we only put clothes on for comfort and safety, or if we were going out or someone was coming over. We were visiting the nudist club about every weekend. We would get there on Friday evening and stay until Sunday evening.

This is how our family became nudist/naturist. One boy just wanted to have fun.